lördag 10 november 2012

FSCONS: All about Free Your Android

Talk: All about Free Your Android

General Purpose Computing
Saturday 10th of November, 2012
Room 1
Regain control of your Android device and your data! This talk will give you all the information necessary to achieve this by running (almost) exclusively Free Software on your phone. It will cover the Android operating system and F-Droid, an alternative Free Software App repository that works like a marketplace. In these areas, a lot has been achieved, while there are still more challenges ahead.
This talk will also give you an insight of the current FYA-campaign, its short-term and its long-term goals as well as our experience so far with this decentralised campaign. Different ways will be presented how you can help to make phone liberation effortless and free the last few apps necessary for freedom phones to thrive.
What is the android system, what is wrong with it. 
  • universal operating system with inux kernel.
  • google account
  • google collects and connects data of emails, calendrar, adressbook, photos, usage-behavior
  • Thousands of proprietary, unctrolled apps
  • developed under no-disclosure agreement
  • might be proprietary in future
  • vendor locked ROMs
... have early to run to be prepared for my talk coming up next...

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