tisdag 12 juni 2012

dev:Moiblile: Mobile app vs. mobile site

Patrik Malmquist

  • Native
    • IOS
    • Android
    • Windows
  • Hybryd
    • PhoneGap

  • Webbapp
    • Seperate less functions?
    • Responsinve
      • same site - diffrent size
        • zooming
        • resizing
      • Full flow?
        • Optimized for all sizes
        • flexible grid system
      • two sizes?
What does your users need?

  • Webservice...
  • Android: 50% är under 35 år /Nielsen company
  • theunderstatement.com
  • Think of the Total Experience!
    • Discover
    • Investigate
    • Prepare
    • Apply
    • Resceive
    • Use
Function or Content?
  • Function
    • Sensors?
    • UI?
      • Hardware Acceleration.
    • Selling
      • An app?
        • Fourcha
      • An Service?
      • A product?
      • Multichannel
Summuary of qualities to think about?
  • SEO
  • HW access
  • UI Response
  • Development Cost
  • AppStore
  • Review process
  • Shareability

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