tisdag 20 mars 2012

Software Passion: Open-source style in business


The talk is about Freedom

And the dreams of a developer.

Under pressure from Boss, Customer, Team, Mini-me

You can put stuff in to the system: Money control, time

Put he will still only produce crap.

Creating a relation: -> Demand ->
Requesting support: First contribution: -> Feedback ->
Passing problems: -> Research ->
Get stuff fixed: -> Quality ->
First code-contact: First commit: -> Function ->
First level of creation: adding new functions: -> Concepts

The difference to business?

We cant multy task but our brain can.

Flow is god. The brains is connected to every thing.
Flow: when you raise your comfort zone. To what is exciting and challenging.

For the developer:

  • No multitasking -> keep role & level
  • Enrich your data -> read & meet
  • Find & define your comfort-zone
  • - Communicate -
For the business:

  • Create Transparency
  • Drop rules - create opportunities
  • support swap/change
  • - communicate -

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