måndag 19 mars 2012

Software Passion: Keynote: Jan Bosch

Professor of software development: Jan Bosch Teams:

Bosch talk: A broad talk about different aspekts of good Software development praxis. He talks about the benefits of agile values. I was able to record the following focus points:

"We still treat requirements as they come from God and are written in blood" Jan Bosch
  • Self selected, directed  managed teams. 
  • Focusing on speed. 
  • Testing what works with expermints insted of opinions 
  • Simplify architecture. 
    • Simplify
    • Decouple:
      • No versions New should be able to be used as the old.
      • Teams and components: should not be locked
  • jan @ bosch.com
Cooperations evolvment:
Traditional Development ->
Agail across teams ->
Agile in R&D ->
Continues Integration ->
Continues Deployment - >
R&D as an innovation system 
And then it was monkeys.


  • Shadow beleives:
  • Speed:
  • Teams: Smale, crossfunctional, self driected, self manged
  • Architure: is sessential:
  • Not my job: Yes it is. 

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