tisdag 20 mars 2012

Software Passion: Kanban

What is Kanban?
In industry
  •  Automaticly order part when a part is used.
In software development
  • a change mangement process
  1. Start with what you know
  2. Agre to pursue incremental change
Visiual, limit work in progress, flow , process policssis...

Kanban is a way to... ...getting stuff deliverd!


  1. We lose our ability to plan!
    • No estemations?
      • Mangaging people
      • Release planning
      • etc
      • But esteamtions do not work so why care?
    • Keep features small so the need for a plan is less.
      • ie tasks below two days
    • Reduce variation
    1. Small releases
    2. Options for Re-paning
      1. Reprioritize the input qu
      2. cadence
      3. Pull a planning meeting
  2. It will take longer?
    • No deadlines!
      • The amount of the time which one has to perform a task...
      • ...is the amount of time it will take to complete the task. 
    • Managing by measuring
  3. WIP limit
    • how many features may be active at each stage.
    • Will create bottle necks
      • But that is a good thing.
        • that shows us where we have problems.
      • People will be idle
        • that drives change.
  4. in Kanban, everybody contriutes to the en process
  5. The focus of flow enables creativity.
canban for sceptiks

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