måndag 19 mars 2012

Software Passion: Programing style and your brain

Probably one of the best talks on Software Passion 2012.

Our Brain has two systems: System 1 is giving System 2 false data. (Gur and head)

Computer programming: The most advanced thing we do.
Perfection: What makes programming hard. - The computer has license to kill if we aren't perfect.

Mentions: JSLint will hurt your feelings.
If feelings are hurt: System 2 start rationalising System 1s preferences.
"Thats hardly ever happens" is another way of saying "it happens"

Decide the way you code based on what can be a problem

If there is a feature in your programming language that sometimes is a problem and there is another feature to do the same thing. Use that other feature.

Make you program look like they do what they do.

Write in the language you are writing in. following above rules. What works for java may not work for javaScript.
 Designing a programming style demands discipline.

Avoid the abyss

Good code is good for your gut.

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